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The Boss is the latest comedy from Melissa McCarthy about a lady business titan who is sent to prison for insider trading. Not everyone she screwed was not very forgiving after emerging from prison and started to rebranded herself as America’s business sweetheart; they were not quick to forget and forgive. Like Martha Stewart she is able to rise and rebrand with the help of a business associate and daughter selling cookies door to door.

Like most of Melissa McCarthy’s brand of comedy, The Boss is R rated peppered The Boss 2slapsticks with crude but funny jokes, touchy situations about family and friendship. It is about a mean businesswoman seeing her mistakes and learning to find compassion and friendship with people around her. There are funny parts but there are a lot of crude and raunchy situations and some jokes are forced.

The Boss 3If your type of movie is about serious topics this movie may not be appropriate for you but if you just want to laugh for a while then is definitely recommended. It is not as funny compared to some of her movies but she is known to sometimes make silly movies; this is not one of her best.

It stars Melissa McCarthy as The Boss Michelle Darnell, Kristen Bell as Claire the business friend who helped The Boss rebrand, Peter Dinklage as Renault and Katy Bates in a minor role as Ida (she is a regular in Melissa McCarthy’s movies). Written by Melissa McCarthy with Ben Falcone and Steve Mallory; directed by Ben Falcone.

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15 Responses to The Boss

  1. This is your typical Melissa McCarthy raunchy comedy, she needs to broaden her movies and tackle different plots and brand of comedy it is getting somewhat tiring.

  2. texangirl1 says:

    It is funny but Melissa McCarthy’s movies are basically the same she needs to broaden the movies she makes after all she is n ow a major star. She needs to make some edgy movies.

  3. doglovertoo says:

    She has a potty mouth but still funny as usual.

  4. emilystewart92 says:

    It is funny but some may find is crude and offensive.

  5. richleggard says:

    It may not win awards but what the heck it is a funny movie.

  6. frankbrown1995 says:

    She is so funny but sometimes she goes way over board with her putty mouth.

  7. emmasample3 says:

    Like most comedic movies, critics don’t like The Boss but I went see the movie anyway and it is funny.

  8. samanthastanley10 says:

    I like Melissa McCarthy’s kind of humor, not as witty but her kind of humor is raunchy and very funny which does not bode well for critics.

  9. geekxx12 says:

    Melissa McCarthy remains is a very talented, funny actress , however the poor storyline, and unfunny jokes that barely make you laugh in this movie is not worth watching.

  10. maella02 says:

    There was potential in this movie it just did not deliver it is funny though, the whole theatre was laughing and who cares if critics did not like it.

  11. peteinman200 says:

    C’est un gâchis. Développements de caractère incompréhensible d’une scène se précipite à l’autre – seulement collées ensemble par la performance de Melissa McCarthy. Et je ne sais pas combien ils ont dû payer Peter Dinklage pour être impliqué dans cette merde – désolée.

  12. moviefanguy says:

    I like Melissa Mccarthy and Kristen Bell but this not their finest movie. This is like last year’s Hot Pursuit starring Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon not so funny.

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