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Money Monster is about Lee Gates and his TV producer Patty Fenn held hostage by an irate investor who loses his money. Lee Gates is a slick, flamboyant and bombastic TV personality who has a popular TV show about stock market and investing that made him a financial pundit and a Wall Street financial guru. An irate investor who loses money crashes his TV show after Lee hawks a high tech stock that mysteriously crashes.Money Monster 2

Small time investor Kyle Budwell took Lee Gates, all the TV crew including producer Patty Fenn hostage live on air watched by millions. Lee and Patty have to uncover the truth and lies behind the market crash of the stock Lee hawks in real time, live on air.

The movie is very entertaining and full of thrill from start to finish. The story is well written, easy to follow with a few hilarious moments and has an ending that is not predictable. The plot seems simple except for the financial dealings but the movie made it easy to follow and understand. It is a solid middle budget movie with a lot of tense scenes.

Great acting performance by Julia Roberts and George Clooney and both made a great pair but most of the supporting cast have lackluster performance and forgettable. Highlight scene came from the girlfriend of Kyle who berated him live on TV, what she said is unexpected.

Money Monster 3

Julia Roberts stars as producer Patty Fenn, George Clooney as the smug and flamboyant Lee Gates, Jack O’Connell as Kyle Budwell the hostage taker; directed by Jodie Foster and written by Alan DiFiore, Jamie Linden and Jim Kouf.

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21 Responses to Money Monster

  1. linhosmond says:

    I like the unusual twist at the end, totally unexpected, Julia Roberts is still a great actress and Judi Foster needs to direct more movies.

  2. Unexpected outcome not the usual hold-up movie, love to see Julia Roberts acting again, she should be in bigger movies afterall she is a big star.

  3. valleygirlmelinda says:

    Good movie and glad to see Julia Roberts acting again in a major movie.

  4. texangirl1 says:

    Loved it, has a good plot and not so dumb.

  5. donaltaylor says:

    Glad to see Julia Roberts acting again.

  6. doglovertoo says:

    Love Julia Roberts, really love her she is great.

  7. marlonskelton10 says:

    George Clooney is getting old, his age is showing!

  8. johnbacon109 says:

    Good thriller movie with good story and good plot.

  9. osmondmelissa says:

    Suspenseful and unpredictable, Julia Roberts and Clooney have very good chemistry. Good movie and recommended love Julia Roberts.

  10. barbroberts19 says:

    Glad to see Julia Roberts in a major movies, this past few years shew made only smaller movies.

  11. oliviaw21 says:

    The film was well done, entertaining, well written and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The acting is first class but the plot smacks of typical left wing.

  12. The plot is unusual yet easy to follow, you would nevefr know what would happen.

  13. peteinman200 says:

    Money Monster est un film fascinant. Grands spectacles de Clooney, Roberts, et O’Connell, en prenant les rênes de Wall Street la corruption et les grandes entreprises. L’intrigue vous gardera au bord de votre siège avec chaque nouvelle torsion et tour, et laisser vous demandez où votre argent se termine vraiment.

  14. emmagarten says:

    Excellent movie though there is way too much profanity.

  15. richleggard says:

    Maybe not the world’s most sophisticated movie, but it was very entertaining. I don’t understand why critics did not like it.

  16. frankbrown1995 says:

    Great movie with great story, good job for both Julia Roberts and George Clooney great chemistry.

  17. moviefanguy says:

    This is so far one of my favorite movie in 2016, the writing is really good and Julia Roberts and George Clooney has very chemistry. The best part of the movie is the surprising scene where the wife of the hostage taker went off confronting the husband hostage taker.

  18. emmasample3 says:

    The writing is great and so is the plot, it is not your usual predictable thriller, best part is the unexpected scene from the girlfriend which really made the movie.

  19. geekxx12 says:

    I don’t understand how some critics did not like Money Monster, the writing is good and the story is not at all predictable. Don’t understand.

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