Florence Foster Jenkins

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Florence Jenkins 1Florence Foster Jenkins is a true story about a wealthy socialite New York heiress who attempts to become an opera singer despite having no voice to be an opera singer. She is the William Hung (from American Idol infamy) of her days. She is very determined to do what she loves, singing albeit with dreadful voice and has no talent. Like William Hung and the Kardashians, she is famous for being famous.

Florence is a wealthy heiress and because of her wealth people around her starting with her husband and well known conductor Arturo Toscanini are enablers and  tolerating her attempts to become a singer despite having Florence Jenkins 3no talent or voice of an opera singer. These enablers are employed as yes men expecting a hefty inheritance from the clueless lady. It is hard to believe Florence Jenkins was a real person.

Meryl Streep as Florence Jenkins is on her best playing a character; she excels very well and most of the time disappears behind the role portraying characters as Julia Child and her Oscar winning portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. The movie is funny and sad at the same time; it is sad to watch a clueless woman taking advantage because of her wealth.

Florence Jenkins 4Florence Foster Jenkins although slow on some spots is a welcome respite from the typical big budget summer movie. It is funny, witty and Meryl Streep did a convincing Florence Jenkins 5performance as a clueless opera singer without the talent. Supporting cast also did wonderful jobs; Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg are very convincing as enablers.

It stars Meryl Streep as Florence Jenkins, Hugh Grant as the husband St Clair Bayfield, Simon Helberg as pianist Cosme McMoon and Rebecca Ferguson as Kathleen. Directed by Stephen Frears from the writing of Nicholas Martin.


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31 Responses to Florence Foster Jenkins

  1. albertskelton says:

    William Hung of her day, that is so funny and classic.

  2. maryday93 says:

    Meryl Streep is the best.

  3. simonmooes8 says:

    She is hilarious and very funny. true she is the William Hung of her time.

  4. doglovertoo says:

    Streep is a blast she is so funny.

  5. johnbacon109 says:

    William Hung of her time, that’s a good one.

  6. oliviaw21 says:

    How can one say Streep is overrated.

  7. alexandersmith991 says:

    Thisn is one of the few movie that has comedic plot yet it is serious and very well acted. Meryl Streep is hilarious.

  8. dannychana says:

    Her performance is great and she is hilarious, only Meryl Streep can pull off a performance like this.

  9. texangirl1 says:

    this is the most hilarious movie I have seen this year.

  10. victoriapayne94 says:

    William Hung of her time, that’s a classic LOL!

  11. allisadler says:

    Meryl Street is the ebst and love this movie, so funny.

  12. Another Meryl Streep masterpiece.

  13. kellyball102 says:

    I’m sure Meryl Streep will get acting nods for this one, she really is very good portraying people in her movies.

  14. lovesfoodgal says:

    Meryl Streep is hilarious one of the funniest movie this year.

  15. seanskelton2101 says:

    She said “People say I can’t sing, they can’t say I didn’t”.

    She knew she didn’t have the voice and talent but did it anyway. Meryl Streep is hilarious.

  16. Film parfait pour les personnes âgées. Il est bien agi, il est peu intéressant et il est pas très controversée ni pousser l’enveloppe. Ceci est le genre de film que ma mère et ses amis voudraient. Il est certainement pas une performance digne Oscar, mais il est un bon rappel que Meryl Streep est une actrice phénoménale. Hugh Grant est bon et charmant aussi.

  17. Meryl Streep is a delight watching her she makes you feel her character, she gives heart and soul to the character, she makes the character alive.

    Hugh Grant is also good in this movie so is the geeky guy from Big Bang Theory.

  18. Anything Meryl Streep tackles is really magical and this movie is very thoughtful and really entertaining and very funny. Streep really very delightful.

  19. LisaG says:

    This one good movie Street is really at her best when she plays original characters I can see acting nominations.

  20. lingmessing says:

    Meryl Streep is really at her best when she is playing real characters like Julia Childs and Thatcher.

  21. allisonwatnj says:

    Love, love, love it.

  22. newyorkgalles says:

    It is hilarious and touching, a good story about commitment and love. Streep is fabulous and Hugh Grant is also wonderful.I enjoyed it very much, it is a slow movie but a joy to watch.

  23. lingmessing says:

    This is a true story of a rich heiress who loves to sing although she doesn’t have the voice and couldn’t sing but did it anyway with the help of enablers around her. It is a comedy drama and Meryl Streep is sure to have an acting nomination for her performance.

  24. This is so funny I can’t stop laughing, great movie.

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