Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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miss-peregrines-1Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is an adaptation of the best-selling novel about specially gifted children with special powers and their home being taken care of by Miss Peregrine. Miss Peregrine has to protect the gifted children from an enemy by creating a parallel universe where time starts over every day like Groundhog Day.

Jake who lives in present day discovered the home thru his grandfather who is “peculiar” and used to live in Miss Peregrine’s home. He found the magical home and got to miss-peregrines-5know the children and their special powers and their powerful enemies. He ultimately discovered that his special powers can save the peculiar children from the powerful enemy.

miss-peregrines-3The movie has great visuals and solid plot line and most of the main characters are well developed. The story telling is great where the movie took its’ time to unfold making you understand the characters; the movie is a little bit over 2 hours. The children are very likable and Eva Green dis a great job as the stepmother Miss Peregrine.

Overall, it is a good fantasy movie for children with great story, great visuals and the production design of the 1940’s is good to look at. It is a good fantasy movie on the dark side, not your typical Disney fantasy movie. This is a typical Tim Burton fantasy movie.


It stars Eva Green as Miss Peregrine, Assa Butterfield as Jake, Samuel L. Jackson as the villain Barron, Allison Janney as Dr. Golan and Judi Dench as Miss Avocet. Directed by Tim Buton.

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14 Responses to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

  1. nancymoores says:

    Perfect movie for kids, great story and also great production design and so easily to follow which makes it perfect for kids.

  2. This is probably one of the better fantasy movie last year, good plot and production design.

  3. One of my favorite fantasy movie of the year, great acting and with great story too.

  4. Very good special effects and very good story line too. I really enjoyed watching this movie, the characters are somewaht developed and they all blended to the plot.

  5. lovesfoodgal says:

    I have read the book and I can tell the movie is a very good adaptation of it, really loved the movie.

  6. kellyball102 says:

    Loved it, good story, plot and visuals are amazing.

  7. This is a typical Tim Burton movie, dark but stylish with complex plot.

  8. victoriapayne94 says:

    Miss Peregrine’s is not your usual fantasy movie, has great story with great characters a usual Tim Burton fantasy movie a fantasy on the edge of being scary.

  9. texangirl1 says:

    I thought it was quite a cute story however I cant imagine children watching this very dark movie. Don’t think this is for kids but nevertheless it is a good movie for adults. Good story and plot.

  10. oliviaw21 says:

    This is one peculiar movie. Love it that the story id easy to follow.

  11. A movie meant for children but it is very dark and some parts very scary, a few scenery are so messed up imagery and really scary.

  12. Like movies of today, this one is visually stunning but there is too much going on that diminishes the quality of the movie. There is so much back story that it becomes muddy.

  13. lingmessing says:

    Another great Tim Burton movie, love it. Good story and easy to follow.

  14. Love it, good story telling no gaping holes on the plot very well laid out.

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