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dr-strange-1Dr Strange is a fantasy movie about a disgraced cocky surgeon who lost his ability to do specialized surgery after he had a car accident. With his ability to do surgery gone, he traveled to the mountains of the Himalayas to get back his surgical powers but instead become a powerful sorcerer under the tutelage of a mystic known as the Ancient One.

Like most fantasy movies nowadays, Dr Strange visuals are very polish and visually appealing. The story revolves on metaphysics where the visuals are magnificent although some of the fight scenes that went on too long and could have been edited better. The movie maybe a standard comic fare but the story and visuals made up for a good comic fare. dr-strange-6

Although the movie is from Marvel (seems like Marvel movies are all sequels) and originally a comic book character, it is an original which I think will turn into a mega franchise of numerous sequels. It has an original story with a plot that is somewhat complicated but easy to follow. The Dr Strange character is well developed with no gaping holes, what became of him is explained in simple terms as the movie progressed.

dr-strange-5This movie is great if you are into comic fare, a comic movie with great story, great plot and great visual effects. Tilda Swinston is superb, the villain characters are worthy as villains but not too crazy. Some humor is thrown in but the few comical scenes that are supposed to be funny ended up cheesy. It is a fantastic superhero movie.

It stars Benedick Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, Tilda Swinston as the Ancient One with Rachel McAdams and Chiwetel Ajiofor in supporting roles. Directed by Scott Derricson under the Marvel brand.

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21 Responses to Dr Strange

  1. ralphmiren says:

    White woman as a monk in Tibet, yeah right.

  2. Too much style but lacking in plot and content.

  3. Robert Ching says:

    Like most big budget movie nowadays, too much style but very thin plot and story line.

  4. Love Benedict Cumberbatch I think he is super cute!

  5. Mostly style with very thin plot which is most of all movies being made these days. There is not much to the story just all for the eyes to watch. I hope Hollywood can come up with movies with good story every now and then.

  6. Liz says:

    Just like high budget movies of today, good visuals but not memorable movie made just to make money.

  7. Lisa Gibson says:

    Good movie with great visuals and very good story too, I enjoyed it a lot.

  8. dannychana says:

    Tilda Swinston is great as the Ancient One but in the original story the character is old Asian man, why they picked Tilda Swinston to play the character is beyond me, this is called “whitewashing” a character. Let an Asian play an Asian character I think.

  9. This is so eyecandy of a movie.

    • alexandersmith991 says:

      I totally agree, good visuals and production design but very thin plot. Big budget movies like this one are all the same good visuals yet no or very thin plot.

  10. lovesfoodgal says:

    This is one light weight movie just an eye candy.

  11. texangirl1 says:

    another hollywood pulp fiction movie intended for people who likes to watch mindless junk with lots of visuals this is just another forgettable movie intended to rake in lots of money but will be forgotten in a few months.

  12. Who watches this kind of movie, good to look at but no original story.

  13. Clive Chun says:

    The movie is pretty to look at but the story is horrible and not very creative they could have come up with something more original of a story.

  14. robertlee20 says:

    Good visuals but story is nothing new, movie made just for the eyes.

  15. Nothing new story wise but the visuals are really really amazing.

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