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Passengers is a science fiction about Jim Preston and Aurora Lane two passengers on Avalon a space ship on a 120-year journey to another planet when the ship collided with an asteroid and wreck havoc on the space ship. The space ship is capable of fixing itself but the asteroid is big enough where the space ship was not capable to fully fix itself.

The accident caused the hibernation pod of Jim Preston to malfunction and woke him up 90 years early. With an android as a companion, Jim got bored after a year and decided to wake up Aurora as well. Jim and Aurora were forced to unravel the mystery behind the malfunction of the space ship as it teeters on the brink of collapse, putting in jeopardy their lives as well as the lives of thousands of passengers.

Magnificent musical score and production design is sleek with a plot that is easy to follow. The reason why Avalon malfunctioned is fully explained but the movie itself became a lovers’ spat in outer space where Aurora is so upset when she learned she was awakened by Jim Preston just so he has company during the long voyage.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have very good chemistry and their story is about bravery, forgiveness and love. The movie focused more on the relationship between the two main characters and not about the voyage itself; there are no monsters and spilled blood that critics would expect on most sci-fi. It is not for everyone but do not understand the negative reviews; flawed story?  it’s a sci-fi. Passengers is a sci-fi movie for adults.


It stars Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora Lane, Chris Pratt as Jim Preston, Michael Sheen as the android named Arthur; directed by Morten Tyldum and written by Jon Spaihts.

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28 Responses to Passengers

  1. donaltaylor says:

    This is one good movie, critics did not like it &%$!#^^!! with them.

  2. Love this movie, don’t understand why critics did not like it.

  3. ralphmiren says:

    Unusual plot for a scifi unfortunately critics did not liked the plot.

  4. jakeaniston says:

    Critica did not understand the movie perhaps that’s the reason it got panned by them.

  5. linhosmond says:

    Not the usual sci-fi movie and I loved it.

  6. johnbacon109 says:

    Not necessarily a bad movie in fact I liked it. Not the greatest sci-fi movie but itis different not the usual alien in space.

  7. Georgenom says:

    A different scfi-fi and I love it don’t care what critics think.

  8. franksmith5 says:

    Too light weight.

  9. I don’t think critics understood the movie to them a sci-fi should have blood and mayhem.

  10. It is a different sci-fi movie which most critics did not agree but I don’t understand the horrible reviews from a lot of critics. It is different from most sci-fi but it doesn’t necessary mean it’s a bad movie, it is a good movie.

  11. Simple story and amazing production design,don’t understand why critics panned it.

  12. Robert Ching says:

    Visually very appealing both effects and actors but the story predictable but overall entertaining.

  13. dannychana says:

    Critics are off most of the time just like on this movie. Don’t waste your time reading critics.

  14. nancymoores says:

    The critics reviews has been horrible but decided to see it anyway. I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was by far the best low rated movie I have seen.

  15. robertlee20 says:

    Ignore the critics, this is one great movie. It was great love story with a great twist on what would you do if you are facing a life of solitude.

  16. I sometimes don’t understand what critics are looking for, but this movie was totally entertaining, well acted and directed and well made not to mention the great production design, I totally loved it.

  17. Les mystères du cinéma moderne et une bande-annonce suggestive semblent avoir formé les téléspectateurs déçus à s’attendre à une grande révélation ou conspiration. Ce film n’a pas cela, mais c’est une belle science-fiction de pop-corn qui obtient plus de physique spatiale droit que le plus lourd film Gravity de l’action de 2013. C’est plus intelligent que la plupart des critiques négatives lui donner du crédit pour si ne vous attendez pas à étincelle Profonde conversation philosophique.

  18. If you read the reviews of most critics, you would think somebody have killed their mother.

  19. Ignored the critics and went to see it and you know what I loved it. It may be cliché but it is a beautiful cliché.

  20. Tout en touchant les concepts d’une foule de films et de livres antérieurs, je pense que la beauté de ce film est qu’il permet au spectateur de faire les connexions et de sentir l’émotion des personnages, sans leur dire ce qu’ils devraient ressentir au sujet de chaque situation (Comme est si répandu dans le théâtre d’Hollywood). Ceci va directement à ma collection préférée comme un film merveilleusement présenté touchant les nombreuses questions philosophiques de la condition humaine.

  21. John Bacon says:

    I did not think that it would be possible to blend together a romantic movie and science fiction so well, but it is done beautifully. Don’t understand critics who didn’t like this movie.

  22. dannychana says:

    Critics may find “Passengers” as having a flawed story. It may not be a favorite movie for critics but it is very well done. Not all sci-fi movie needs to be action it can also be love story.

  23. Los misterios modernos de la película y un acoplado sugestivo parecen haber entrenado a espectadores decepcionados a esperar una revelación grande o una conspiración. Esta película no tiene eso, pero es una ciencia ficción de palomitas de maíz hermosa que obtiene más física del espacio derecho que la más pesada acción película de gravedad de 2013. Es más inteligente que la mayoría de las críticas negativas le dan crédito, aunque no esperes que chispa mucho Profunda conversación filosófica.

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