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Hidden Figures is a true to life story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, three brilliant African-American women working at NASA who served as the brains during the launch of astronaut John Glenn into space which turned the Space Race around and restored America’s confidence during the 1960’s. The brilliant women crossed all race and gender lines which inspired America to dream big for generations.

The movie is a crowed-pleaser with a hint of American history about African-Americans, their struggles and segregation in the South. The opening of the movie shows the three women trying to fix their car in a road in Virginia while on their way to work in NASA when a white police officer pulls up and started questioning them. You thought they will be dragged into jail but instead got escorted to their jobs at NASA where they work as mathematicians.

It is a feel-good movie with great acting by the 3 leads as well as the supporting casts. The story is easy to follow and although it is slow on some parts, the math behind the space program is laid out in a fashion that is easy to understand. The movie did not only tell the hidden figures behind the space program, it also told the stories of “hidden figures” in American history and their contributions.

The story may be predictable but overall the movie is a good watch; the movie shattered stereotypes on women especially African-American women. It has an uplifting plot about women who never gave up and follow their dreams.

It stars Taraji P Henson as Katherine Johnson, Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughan, Janelle Monae as Mary Jackson, Kevin Costner as Al Harrison, Kirsten Dunst as Vivian Mitchell and Jim Parsons as Paul Stafford; directed by Ted Melfi and co-wrote it with Allison Schroeder.

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22 Responses to Hidden Figures

  1. georgenom says:

    This is one uplifting movie, good thing moviegoers went to see it and critics liked it too.

  2. milawilson300 says:

    Very uplifting movie glad it made tons of money.

  3. lingday93 says:

    Very uplifting movie no wonder it made so much money and critically acclaimed too.

  4. jakeaniston says:

    It is a good movie but I don’t think it is best picture material specially Oscar best picture material.

  5. doglovertoo says:

    Such an uplifting movie, highly recommended.

  6. nancymoores says:

    A charming and well executed historical drama movie; an important piece of entertainment that is properly cast and all 3 leading ladies and Kirsten Dunst doing a very good acting job.

    Only negative is some parts are really cheese but other than that the movie is really good and a solid one.

  7. johnbacon109 says:

    Such an uplifting movie about back women and their contributions to science.

  8. Georgenom says:

    Love this movie though it is full of cliches, acting is really superb.

  9. franksmith5 says:

    Very uplifting movie although it is full of cliche and slow on some parts.

  10. I would highly recommend this movie. Very uplifting and inspirational and with a few laughs here and there, should be watched by every girl.

  11. allisonwatnj says:

    – great cast and good acting
    – musical score is also great
    – easy to follow story
    – feel-great movie

    – cheesy and corny dialogues
    – predictable

  12. Excellent film and Important part of our history that I did not know about, great cast.

  13. oliviaw21 says:

    Great movie and very inspirational story of strong women who carved the way for black American women, a very inspiring movie about overcoming multiple forms of adversity. Highly recommended.

  14. Solid movie and worth watching, the leading characters did a very good job in the acting department. Kirsten Dunst as the supervisor is magnificent, understated and unsymphatetic.

    Magnificent movie and a very good portrayal of black women and their struggles and contributions to the space program. Love the period dresses and cars.

  15. This movie should be seen by every young woman the best movie I have seen for quite some time good subject and great acting it couldn’t be better. The story of the 3 ladies is incredible.

  16. Not a bad movie but not great either. What carried the film is the acting done by the 3 lead actresses, acting well done. Predictable but still worth watching.

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