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Atomic Blonde is spy thriller about Lorraine Broughton, a stylish and couture clad top-level M16 spy who is sent to Berlin to take down an espionage ring that is ruthless and that has just killed two undercover agents for unknown reasons. The movie is a high-stakes action-thriller that takes place in the city of Berlin during the 80’s on the eve of the Berlin Wall’s collapse.

Lorraine Broughton was ordered to cooperate with alpha-male David Percival, the station chief in Berlin; the two must form alliance to stop the threat that would jeopardize the West’s intelligence operation.

The movie is very entertaining with a very good soundtrack, dark and very stylish. It is engaging with a lot of twists and double crosses. It has lots of action and very brutal. It is your typical action movie where the fights are very scripted and choreographed but this time the action star is a very stylish woman clad in expensive couture clothes.



The plot is easy to follow to the point of being predictable but has a surprise ending.  The first half of the movie is a bit slow but it picked up at the middle. It is not a perfect movie and the violence is extremely brutal, but overall it is very entertaining; the protagonists, soundtrack and the dark and cold Berlin backdrop right before the fall of the Wall adorns the movie enough to be entertaining. Charlize Theron’s performance is a five star out of five.

It stars Charlize Theron as Lorraine Broughton, James McAvoy as David Percival, John Goodman as a CIA agent, Sofia Boutella as Deflfine, directed by David Leitch, written by Johnstad from Focus Featuresd.

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21 Responses to Atomic Blonde

  1. Greta movie, great plot, story telling and great action fight scenes.

  2. jimskeltonindian says:

    The fight scenes are amazing surprised it did not make more money.

  3. Very stylish and very good fight scenes.

  4. Kodus to Charlize Theron for a job well done, this is a great action movie, who says only men can be the star in an action movie.

  5. jakeaniston says:

    Atomic Blond is better than I expected. I was expecting action and fight scenes from the start to end but it turns out it is a very clever spy movie, the actions scenes are very well executed and photography is very stylish, it feels so cold with the Berlin winter as the backdrop.

  6. pmorris8 says:

    So stylish and action scenes are great.

  7. Aunque no he estado en Berlín en 1989, esta película me hizo nostálgico sobre el tiempo y el lugar. Sin embargo, aquí es donde las virtudes de la película terminan para mí. Bien podría ser porque lo vi en un teatro en la India y la junta de censura había hecho un trabajo tan deshonesto en él, pero encontré la narración inconexa, chocante y casi imposible de seguir. El resultado es una experiencia que es bastante aburrida y que se desengancha, que simplemente no vuelan para una película de acción.

  8. ralphmiren says:

    Love the style, super gritty, fantastic soundtrack, good cinematography and amazing performances from Charlize T. and James M.

  9. Ce film était horrible. Tous les films de James Bond ont présenté 007 comme un gentleman chic qui frappe un bout sur le côté. J’avais des attentes élevées bc Je pense que Charlize Theron est un acte de classe, mais ils l’ont fait comme un noyau dur, horrible et déséquilibré comme ils le pouvaient. Tout le film était sang et gore et elle était un personnage très sombre. Pas impressionné.

  10. There are holes in the plot but no movie can be perfect. Atomic Blonde is really good and very stylish, cinematography is amazing.

  11. nancymorris2 says:

    Good to see a woman as the lead in an action film and she is very good too. Go Charlize!

  12. dannychana says:

    I like the style and cinematography but the plot is quite predictable except maybe the surprise ending. Charlize Theron is great in the action scenes but I’m sure it was choreographed like most actions scenes in a movie are.

  13. lingmessing says:

    Fantastic film amazing cinematography and a compelling plot, love the ending. This is absolutely a great action movie and it’s a must see.

  14. melisball1 says:

    I wouldn’t say Atomic Blonde is bad but I can’t say it’s good either but is is certainly shot beautifully with a lot of style. I would say it got more style than content.

    Charlize Theron is really good here, the fight scenes are well done but I am sure it is staged and choreographed just like most fight scenes.

  15. texangirl1 says:

    I really enjoyed Atomic Blonde it is a very good action adventure thriller. It is very fast paced well written with a twist at the ending. I definitely recommend this movie, enjoyed it from beginning to end. Nicely done.

  16. These are the things I like about Atomic Blobde:
    – Charlize Theron is so good in action and kicked ass
    – Camera shots are very stylish
    – It looks so cold and dark
    – John Goodman is marvelous
    – James McAvoy is so evil good

    Things that I didn’t like:
    – Predictable
    – Some parts are slow specially the first portion

  17. dannychana says:

    This is the best movie of Charlize Theron I have seen besides the one where she won an Oscar (movie title escaped me). She is so great and very stylish.

  18. lovesfoodgal says:

    Atomic Blonde is very good as I expected it is full of great action scenes my only negative comment is the first half of the film weighs it down from a plot that was slow but then started to get better when they added more twists towards the middle of the movie. Charlize Theron is so great.

  19. The plot is predictable, but still very entertaining and engaging just the same and really like the ending which is the one part that is not predictable. Not as good as some action thrillers like Jason Bourne but it is very stylish.

    I think Charlize Theron and James McAvoy did very well they have a good chemistry.

  20. James Bond you can eat your heart out. Lots of action, wonderful stunt work and a story with a twist at the end. A bit slow when the action subsides but we all needed a rest between the fight scenes.

    Awesome production design it is very stylish and the mood is very cold and dark with beautiful camera shots. Music? amazing.

  21. Atomic Blonde is a very well done movie with a story and very stylish too. It’s like the female James Bond but better.

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