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The Dark Tower is an adaptation of a novel written by Stephen King. It is about protagonists Roland Deschain and Walter O’Dim where the two are locked in eternal battle. Roland Deschain is known as the last Gunslinger is determined to prevent Walter O’Dim also known as Man in Black from destroying the Black Tower. The tower holds the universe and the other parallel worlds together and destroying it will destroy the universe and only Roland can prevent this from happening.

Being written by one of the most celebrated writer of our time, all the elements of a good novel are there but the film is unremarkable; the movie looks hurried with the characters having no emotional connections and no character development, entire movie is very dark literally even the special effects are wanting and forgettable even in this age of advance technology. Editing is also bad, the movie looked like slapped together just to make the movie whole. The book needs a better adaptation than this.

The novel is very expansive, the movie was not able to capture everything, and the novel cannot be condensed into a 90 minute movie. It may have worked if it was done in several sequels. It had the potential of a great movie but it was squandered and just not properly done. It has good actors but their talent was wasted. Idris Elba is great but that’s about what is good with the movie.

It stars Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, Matthew McConaughey as Walter O’Dim, and directed by Nikolaj Arcel from Sony Pictures.

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9 Responses to The Dark Tower

  1. Middle of the road movie, not bad but not great either. It had great potential but did not deliver. There are good actors in it but looks like they did the movie coz they have nothing better to do.

  2. donaltaylor says:

    This movie is a piece of crap, except for the main characters there is no connection from the book, adaptation is horrible. It is super dark and not watchable there is so much missing.

  3. jimskeltonindian says:

    I have read the book and I can say this movie is a very bad adaptation of the book. The movie looks rushed.

  4. I am not sure why a lot of people did not like the movie. It has great storyline, great visuals, good acting and really liked it. Great film and really enjoyable.

  5. Very surprised by the critic’s negativity towards this movie, For me it is very good, good acting, full of suspense (if you have not read the book), fight scenes are decent, special effects although very dar and needs more lighting are also descent. Good job by both main characters.

  6. maryday93 says:

    The movie is okay it was not spectacular as the book but after reading the book I expected more.

  7. This movie is a big failure and a huge disappointment. It is an adaptation from a very good novel it just did not deliver, the source material is absolutely fantastic but the movie is extremely disappointing it is made so shabbily.

  8. This is an adaptation of a Stephen King novel but they crammed it into a 95 minute movie. It’s only 95-minutes long, which means this is probably the shortest fantasy film to make theaters over the past couple of years.

  9. lovesfoodgal says:

    What the critics think is rubbish, if the movie followed the book, it would have been hours in the desert. Very surprised at all the negativity for this movie. For me, it was thrilling. Great acting, full of suspense, with exciting fight scenes and special effects.

    I thought the Dark Tower was a good one. The action and adventure is good. The critics are wrong on this one.

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