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mother! Is a psychological thriller about love, devotion and sacrifice. A couple’s relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home disrupting their tranquil lives.

It is about a poet who spends a lot at home in solitude and his introvert wife making them a perfect match. They live in a beautiful but stark house where she spends her time inside the house painting and the husband also spends his time in solitude and she thinks they are a perfect match until he invites random people into their house having a good time and throwing parties in his honor.

You may not like this movie if you are into the usual blockbuster summer movies. You may need some thinking as it is a combination of allegories from religion and human history that presents a microcosm of our planet and our selves. It is layered, thought provoking and artsy; common movie goers definitely will not understand the movie. This movie is for the artsy movie aficionados, it is not for everybody.

It is beautifully made and well acted but Jennifer Lawrence is not properly casted as the shrinking violet given her strong characters she portrayed in all her previous movies. The movie is very artsy and it may be too early in her career to star in artsy movies, perhaps it would have been more appropriate to cast a more mature and seasoned actress.

It stars Jennifer Lawrence as the Mother, Javier Bardem as Him, Michelle Pfeiffer as Woman, and Ed Harris as Man. Directed and written by Darren Aronofsky from Paramount Pictures.

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11 Responses to mother!

  1. Just because its an art move it doesn’t mean it is good. This must be one of the worst art movie I have ever seen I thought of walking out of the movie theater.

  2. simonball01 says:

    DES ORDURES. Ne reçois pas ce que les gens voient à ce sujet. L’un des pires films que j’ai jamais vus. Il n’y avait que quelques personnes dans le théâtre et je pense qu’ils ont tous dit la même chose après le film.

  3. simonmooes8 says:

    I did not understand the movie, perhaps I’m not the artsy type.

  4. Too artsy and very snobby, only for snobs.

  5. frankwillis says:

    Totally loved it. Everything happening is a metaphor for something biblical or relating even to Mother Earth. This movie is not meant to be taken literally. This is a masterpiece.

  6. ralphmiren says:

    I’m not sure if mother! is a masterpiece or a mess; if you are into artsy movies it must be a masterpiece but if you don’t know anything about movies then it is a mess.

  7. miamilisa says:

    Perhaps I did not understand the movie as I did not like it. It is very confusing to me.

  8. oliviaw21 says:

    This film is not for everybody either you hate it or you will love it and call it a masterpiece. What it does so effectively, which many films fail to do, is have people talking about it. Most moviegoers will not get the movie and will not like it.

  9. One great movie, almost a masterpiece.

    People who did not like the movie most likely did not realize that this is an allegory. I disagree that this is a horror movie it is not it is more of a mystery.

  10. nancymorris2 says:

    This is a very good movie and not for everyone. You most would love it if you are into artsy movies but not if you are not a fan of artsy movie. Most moviegoers will not understand this movie.

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